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The best Agogo bars to meet a sexy Thai girl of your dreams. Our Philosophy is simple, we run a great club and like to have fun. Guys who want to get down to business on the floor are able to with the proper payment but it’s not as out in the open as the bar-side blower at Kangaroo.
The dance floor comes on a variety of levels, with a raised floor directly in front of the DJ booth as well as stepped areas around the edges of the room to dance in. There is a terrace lounge overlooking walking street with shisha and TV screens showing live sports. Marine Disco Pattaya is one of the oldest nightclubs in Chonburi and has since become a bit of a legend on the nightlife circuit. Operating for many decades and recognized as the original Nightclub of Pattaya, Marine Disco is centrally located on Walking Street. Admittedly, it had enjoyed so much success due to the lack of neighbouring clubs when it first opened but has since been overtaken by the more popular and contemporary venues.
Activities and Promotion are also offered time to times to boost its reputation. The pub opens from early night till late night, where its location is not so far from Central Pattaya. There are a number of bars to hear live music in Pattaya.
Pattaya is known for its sex trade, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t any regular old cruising going on. The main place to go is Sansuk Sauna, the only gay sauna in Pattaya. Massage services are also very popular, with several gay massage parlors throughout the city.
Since 2004, we have consistently been the top Agogo bars in Pattaya city. But don’t take our word for it, read the independently written testimonials from many of our customers who recommend us to their friends and come back for more time and time again. We are your friendly neighborhood “Cheers” style bar that offers both our regulars and new clientele a warm, safe and relaxing atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Couples and ladies are welcome and we serve thai food for their enjoyment. The aim of Crystal Club is to give our customers an experience they will remember but at the same time offering them value for money. With that in mind Crystal Club offers nightly drinks promotions.
However, 파타야 클럽 of those are at Beach Road and Pattaya Walking Street. Surprise, surprise, another Walking Street nightclub. The Pier is in the central heart of this famed Pattaya district and is quite a recent addition to the local club scene. The Pier is flashy, over the top and attracts quite a young crowd but that being said, anybody and everybody tends to be welcome at all of the large Pattaya venues. A two-storey site, The Pier houses a large dance floor, modern sound system, exotic dancers, TV screens and chic and polished interior.
Sunee Plaza and Soi Day night are two large bar areas. There is a similar setup as you find in the straight scene with beer bars and gogo bars, as well as some dedicated gay dance clubs. Another large collection of gay bars and gogos can be found on Pattayaland Soi 3. The best nightclubs are located on Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. So most of the freelancers and dancers from the nearby bars tend to visit these clubs, especially as the night progresses. At the southern end of Walking Street, in the Bali Hai Plaza is Mixx Disco Pattaya, which is popular as it offers customers two choices in terms of music.
Even then they may not know it but it works better than showing them a piece of paper or map. Sometimes having the address written out in Thai helps, but even then it’s no sure thing. Occasionally you may run into a moto taxi who knows the place very well and can speak good English but it’s rare.
The fun takes place in the seating areas and is partially blocked off from view by a white mesh curtain that is pulled around front. Since the curtain looks like a mosquito net anyone who really wants an eyeful could probably get one but it’s not totally in your face either. Pattaya Walking Street is often referred to as the city’s red-light district, a place filled with bright neon lights from the many bars and clubs that line the street.