Church Fundraising Ideas: 15 Fundraisers To Help You Raise Money best church fundraisers

Looking for ideas for church fundraisers? We’ll highlight 12 great ways to raise money & include all members of your community.

Running a church involves a healthy dose of prayer, hard work, a dedicated team, and yes… money. So, how do you get donations for your church?

That’s where having some great church fundraising ideas can come in handy.

Hopefully, your weekly tithes and offerings cover your expenses. However, there are times when your church will need an extra influx of money for a church remodel, missions trip, community outreach, or another special project. In these instances, a church fundraising effort may be in order.

Solely asking your congregation to give a bit extra this month may not be the most effective method. Church leaders make several types of “asks” of their members.

From volunteering in the nursery to leading worship and singing old hymns and giving financially, you can potentially wear out your congregation. Also, many families operate on tight budgets while others may not feel emotionally connected to the need you’re presenting. best church fundraisers

Instead of making yet another request, try using an approach that is more personal, involves a fun activity, or provides a needed service. These fundraiser ideas for church communities can be much more effective, and are a fun way to get all church members involved. 

How can churches quickly raise funds?

One way for churches to quickly raise funds for a mission trip, new church building, or ministry is to host an event. Hosting an event doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, especially if you involve your entire church family and church leadership. Get people on board and excited, and create ways for church members to participate (and don’t forget to charge an entry fee!) 

One idea for churches is to host a family fun day where participants can engage in a little friendly competition. You can even boost donation revenue with t-shirt sales, a picnic basket auction, and a paid entry pie competition. A profitable fundraiser doesn’t have to be boring–and a family fun day is a great way to create enthusiasm around generosity and personal fundraising.

How do I ask for donations to my church?

Church donation letters can be intimidating to write. Writing an effective church donation letter requires you to clearly explain your mission, and provide an opportunity for potential donors to partner with you. Sending the letter directly from a church leader can also help increase the likelihood of response.

A basic church donation letter will include:

– A friendly greeting…

– A clear “ask” for financial partnership. What do need funding for?

– Instructions on how to donate, including how to make online donations…

– And a very big THANK YOU to church members, regardless of whether they donate or not. 

This will give you a good “backbone” for a great church donation letter. A church donation letter can even include updates on fundraising progress–motivating donors to continue giving! Most importantly, you can include news of an upcoming fundraiser in a basic church donation letter. 

Common Questions about Raising Money for your Church

What is online giving?

Simply put, online giving is a way for your people to donate money over the internet. This usually involves credit card payments, although there are certain tools available. that will allow a person to link their bank account. Online giving can happen on a website, through an app, or via text. It’s important to make sure that, whatever method is selected, the transfer of sensitive information such as credit card numbers is secure. The benefit to the giver is convenience, plus whatever points or cash back can be accrued through their credit card service. For the church, the benefits include increased donations, the possibility of automated recurring giving, and the ability to receive donations from people who aren’t in attendance at a service.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money for a project by getting many small donors on board ahead of time. In other words, before the project is complete, people catch the vision and put their money forward to help make the vision a reality. Sites like Kickstarter have paved the way for this type of fundraising activity. Often, donor will not need to pay if a crowdsourcing campaign does not reach its financial goals by a stated deadline. Usually, the reward for jumping on a crowdfunding bandwagon is early access or special perks or swag. Depending on the project, it may simply be recognition that a person’s donation helped make the project possible.

What is a text-to-tithe?

Text-to-tithe or text-to-give is a way of utilizing SMS messages to donate money to an organization or a cause. A special phone number is used, and often there are predetermined options for the amounts someone can give. Other times, the specific amount is up to the user. The benefit of text-to-give is that anyone with a mobile phone can participate. No special app or mobile operating system is required, and text-to-tithe programs work on any cellular network.

What is the easiest fundraiser?

The easiest fundraisers are those that flow naturally within the life of your church and allow the most people to get involved without a significant barrier to entry. Many times people think of fundraisers as needing to appeal to the wealthy alone, but the best fundraisers are those that get everyone involved in some way. Every church is unique, so think about what you already have in abundance and start there.

Does your church love their after-service get-togethers? Get people who love to bake to create special desserts and have a bake sale after church one Sunday. Include a time of fellowship and vision-casting for your project.

Does your church have a large parking lot and plenty of willing teenagers? Consider a monthly car wash.

Silent auctions, special dinners, and concerts also make great fundraising events. Just think about your church and your community. The sky’s the limit.

Why Write Church Donation Requests?

Requests for donations may be different from your basic church donation letter in that donation requests may ask for donations to a very specific cause–such as a mission trip, homeless shelter, or even an individual church member with a large financial need. To write effective requests for donations, the same principles for a basic church donation letter apply. You’ll need to include a clear explanation of what you’re asking, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for making donations. 

What are the most effective virtual church fundraising ideas?

You can be as creative as you’d like with virtual church fundraising events, but one great idea is an online auction. You can charge a small fee for auction entry to a virtual zoom meeting, display online auction pictures of the goods for sale, and then follow up by email.

In theory, any type of auction could work online, but an art auction can be a creative, unique idea for art lovers and enthusiasts at your church. To host an effective art auction, communicate clear instructions for auction entry, display clear online auction pictures, and provide descriptions of each piece.

What are the most profitable fundraisers?

The most profitable fundraisers are often those that invite the most people to participate. Other times they are the ones that appeal to large donors. It really depends on your unique situation. However, because giving is something that affects the giver as much as the project being donated to, it’s not always best to go big. Do things that anyone can get involved with, but also do things that will move the needle quickly. Oftentimes, the best fundraising ideas come from the community. People will let you know what gets them excited and what does not.